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Virtual Training in brain-based coaching

Your brilliance amplified through the lens of neuroscience

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Learn how your past, present and future can help you and your clients lead from a sense of authentic, timeless identity

"Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly."

Guide yourself and your clients into the deeper recesses of "Being" using the anchor of neuroscience

Learn with Dr. Pillay

"Top 20 mover and shaker in leadership development in the world"
- Training Industry

  • CEO: NeuroBusiness Group
  • Harvard-trained psychiatrist
  • 17 years of nationally-funded brain-imaging research
  • Think tank: Mckinsey & Co.
  • Think tank: Disasters, Trauma and Global Mental health
  • Linkedin Learning Instructor Technology entrepreneur
  • Author: Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind
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"Every organization is experiencing unprecedented change"

People are overwhelmed on many fronts and searching for a way forward. Srini teaches the brain science to help individuals and teams become more self-sufficient and able to realize their vision for the future by solving the problems that truly matter and dealing with the blockages to manifesting that vision."


Mary O'Hara
Chief Human Resources Officer & SVP Internal
Human Resources
Blue Shield of California


September 14, 15 & 16


* all times are US EST
** informal (optional): online cocktail party

"And I knew that it was better to live out one's absurdity than to die for that of others." - Ralph Ellison

What you get

  • Accelerated learning of applied neuroscience
  • Experiential learning
  • Latest neuroscience methods in personal transformation
  • Research-proven frameworks
  • Exercises to integrate and apply your learning in real time
  • 15 hours of online learning and interaction
  • Deep but practical brain-based conversation tools
  • Ready-to-use practical brain-based tools
  • In-program practice for immediate application
  • Peer networking
  • NBG Certification
  • An ICF Certificate in Transformational Neurocoaching
  • And more!
for $4,699 $3,599
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"You were born an original. Don't die a copy"
-John Mason

What makes this program unique?

  • Rare integration of deep psychological realizations and brain science
  • Opportunity to integrate biological, psychological and spritual ideas
  • The science will lead you to a more powerful expression of your humanity

Day 1

Introduction: How the past influences your decisions, well-being and state of mind (Good and Bad)

Day 1 is an experiential introduction to transformational neurocoaching®. We set context, and examine ways the past influences business decisions, and how it impacts leadership effectiveness in the present and future.


  • how transformational neurocoaching® differs from other brain-based leadership programs
  • advanced knowledge of the leader’s brain, its regions and their functions
  • how the brain functions (in surprising and counterintuitive ways) as an organ of the past
  • how the brain's programing of the past impacts personal progress
  • when personal patterns help or hurt growth
  • ways to apply the neuroscience of story-telling to develop human potential

Day 2

Better decision making, managing uncertainty and the introduction to the science of possibility - present and future

On Day 2, We journey through the present and future to apply neuroscience frameworks for decision making and leadership effectiveness. You EXPERIENCE the science applied to your life.


  • how knowledge of the present impacts’ human development (based on acceptance commitment therapy, mindfulness, and negative capability)
  • to apply "strategic unfocus" (vs distraction) to improve productivity and creativity
  • to apply a meaning and purpose framework to work with clients (based on the connection between purpose and profits)
  • to apply a framework to mitigate fear when it hampers productivity and creativity
  • to transform personal contradictions and unconscious fear
  • to envision an empowering future with the aid of biological research

Day 3


Day 3 is an experiential introduction to The Science of Possibility®, a portal to innovation and transformation.


  • The Science of Possibility©, a tool for innovation
  • the tools to cultivate a possibility mindset for transformative change
  • ways to develop mindset agility
  • ways to enhance ingenuity
  • Psychological Halloweenism to advance a goal
  • a specific methodology that reduces resistance and invites personal transformation
  • a framework to apply neuroscience in your organization, your practice and to your life for measurable results

"Dr. Pillay presented a fascinating perspective on the brain science behind how we perceive the world around us and the impact it has on our decision-making process."

His presentation was informative and challenged my own mental models.

I have incorporated a great deal of his thingking in my own personal development journey and plan to do so with those I lead in the future."

Kendall Bridgewater
Leadership and Ethics Facilitator, Hogan and MBTI Certified

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Frequently asked questions

Organizational coaches, independent coaches, businessmen and women, and anyone else who wants to learn and apply neurocoaching© to improve his/her life.

Transformational neurocoaching© is coaching that integrates depth psychology, executive coaching and neuroscience. This methodology has been shared with leading consulting firms and this integrative expertise has been brought to the Consortium of Advanced Adult Learning and Development at McKinsey & Co.

Yes. This model is easy to integrate into any model you are currently using. It’s a new and effective research-based toolbox to integrate with your own tools.

No medical credentials are required. This training distills complex depth psychology, executive coaching and neuroscience into easy-to-understand material. You can apply the tools from day one.

Due to the sensitive material, conversations and attendee confidentiality, it cannot be taped.

There’s no pre-reading required. Bring your wonderful self and an open mind and we’ll take it from there.

This program will be held only once in 2020.

You’ll receive an ICF Certification in Transformational Neurocoaching©, 11.5 Hours Core Competencies and 7.5 Hours Resource Development. Certificates will be delivered via email ninety days after the program completion.

"One hour of learning in coaching or conference, with Dr. Pillay is equivalent to months of selling for me.

He has provided me with advanced contents of Neuroscience in a pleasant and easy to understand way.

If the experience includes interacting with him within a group, it is even more powerful because I can see the way he opens spaces for each person to find our purpose and best way to learn, creating synergies between human being with different personalities and backgrounds."

Ximena Rios, Chief Operations
UNDP Independent Evaluation Office

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Space is limited.

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