Featured Virtual Keynote The Science of Possibility

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"What leaders need during a crisis is not predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday's developments and help them to look ahead." McKinsey & Co., 2020


  • Develop beyond resilience
  • Build a mindset strategy to thrive
  • Learn about how you can accelerate leaders and their teams toward success

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The Antifragile Mindset: Thrive

  • VR designed to reduce stress
  • Brain-base experiences
  • Optimize leaders and teams

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Virtual Reality

NeuroBusiness Group

For any individual or organization, the human brain can serve as an invincible ally—the source of boundless ingenuity, insight and inspiration. Alternatively, it can be an insurmountable obstacle for teams and leaders—a giant-slayer that undermines your best-laid plans and efforts. The research of
Dr. Srini Pillay—Harvard-trained physician and world-renowned neurocoach, author and speaker—underpins everything we do at NeuroBusiness Group.

We help forward-thinking leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and organizations leverage the full power and spirit of the brain’s miraculous inner workings.

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