Positive Disintegration©

“How to leverage anxiety & psychological distress to create a new and empowered you.”

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When circumstances are mentally challenging,
people often experience burnout and feel like
they’re falling apart. Mental health starts to decline.

Symptoms like depression and anxiety can set in.
They challenge resilience and the agile skills
necessary for strategic speed within an organization.

What if “falling apart” is really an opportunity to come
back together from an evolved consciousness and to
operate at a higher order? And what if brain science
could shed a light on this?

It’s possible.

Traditional approaches to building resilience
involve preventing mental disintegration, and
attaching a negative association to falling apart.
That’s the old paradigm.

There is a well-established way in which the
disruption and perception of “falling apart” can be
leveraged to boost resilience and tangibly help people “recalibrate” to approach their work and life
in productive ways.

Positive disintegration is a practice that
transforms disruption to help one successfully
navigate difficult inner states in order to grow and
become the best version of one’s self.

To master the mindset, and integrate this way of
being, certain psychological conditions first need
to be understood. Then, they need to be
cultivated and met.

When specific questions are probed and
transformed, people are better able to put
themselves together from a place of power and to
thrive despite adversity.

This experiential program explains the
psychological and brain-based principles that
equip leaders and teams to master the skillset
necessary to leverage positive disintegration.

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