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The Possibility Index Instructions

1 Click the link to access the Possibility Index
2 Click "New User"
3 Personal profile
  • Password field may only contain minimum 6 and maximum of 10 characters. (password should have at least one numeric, both upper & lower case letters and at least one special character)
  • Basic Information – Login Information - **if there is a strong company firewall, use a personal email.
  • *Personal Information* – Your Display Name – please place an XX prior to Your Display Name so that your entry in this field shows as "XXDisplayName", e.g. XXCarmen.
  • *Annual Income* – choose the lowest denominator if you prefer not to enter this information. - complete compulsory fields only
4 Click Submit
5 After submitting you’ll receive a confirmation email with an Activation link (if you do not receive email confirmation, check the SPAM folder)
6 After activating your account, you are able to complete the Possibility Index Assessment
7 To re-access your account, use the original link and log -in using your email and password