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The Pandemic Survival Guide
A Webinar Series to Help You Optimize Your Brain

Srini Pillay, M.D.
CEO: NeuroBusiness Group
Harvard Psychiatrist
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Radu Manolescu
Co-founder & Managing Partner K.M.Trust & Partners
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Mihai Popa-Radu
Founder, Mindfulness Institute
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Join Dr. Srini Pillay, Radu Manolescu and Mihai Popa-Radu as they present key neuroscience methods & leadership models in this webinar series:

April 22: #1

Managing Cabin Fever and Social Distancing

Dr. Srini Pillay will explain the implications of cabin fever and social distancing in the brain, and how leaders will manage this now, and as the workforce integrates.

Outcome: Relationship strategies to optimize team cohesion at a time when people are not physically together, and how to manage this when they come together again. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals too

Srini Pillay, M.D.

From Scary Isolation to Enjoyable Aloneness

Mihai Popa-Radu will show how, by reframing the way in which we perceive the events, we can better cope (and even enjoy) this temporary isolation and start discovering the significant difference between “aloneness” (feeling comfortable when living by and with oneself) and “loneliness” (feeling lonely, separated and disconnected from the world).

Outcome: Participants will experiment with various practices that increase the sense of connection with oneself and others, help dealing with loneliness and helplessness, and discover beauty and magic even in the most mundane activities.

Mihai Popa-Radu
April 29: #2

Leading the Brains of Virtual Teams and Being Part of One

Dr. Srini Pillay will describe the latest research on how virtual teams work best. He will also describe the effects of teaming in the brain, and how leaders will manage this now, and as the workforce integrates.

Outcome: Virtual team strategies to optimize team cohesion and execution of strategy so that leaders can increase operational efficiency.

Srini Pillay, M.D.

How Do We Know If Our Leadership Model Is the Right One During These Times?

Radu Manolescu will discuss about self-reflection on our own leadership model and communication, Self-reflection on our energy and on our social awareness and about altruistic leadership.

Outcome: Participants will have their leadership benchmark challenged and thus might have an improved one after the webinar.

Radu Manolescu
May 6: #3

The Resilient Brain

Dr. Srini Pillay will provide an overview of specific psychological stressors in pandemics, the pandemic brain, and how to build resilience in the pandemic brain. Leaders will then use this information to construct an organizational resilience mindset strategy and will consider how they will scale this throughout their organizations.

Outcome: Evaluate where you are on pandemic fears, brain-based resilience, and learn the contents of a new mental playbook for your organization during pandemics. This playbook will be there whenever you need to respond to similar emergencies. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals too.

Srini Pillay, M.D.

The Resilient Being

Mihai Popa-Radu will explain that if we ground ourselves on all three levels (brain, body and heart), we are better equipped to face the challenges of life from an inner space of calm and we can respond wisely to events instead of instinctively react. In this webinar we will explore how we can manage our mental and emotional states by training our attention and by using our breathing as a “switch” between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Outcome: Participants will experiment with various grounding practices that will increase their ability to stay calm and centered in challenging situations; Participants will also familiarize themselves with simple practices that will strengthen the “attention muscle”, become able to focus attention on productive/actionable thoughts and regain their mental and emotional balance when dealing with undesired events.

Mihai Popa-Radu
May 13: #4

Building Body Armor

A sound mind requires a sound body. Dr. Srini Pillay will provide various perspectives from mind-body medicine on how and why to protect your body during this stressful period.

Outcome: Leaders will commit to and devise a psychological and physical plan to protect their bodies during this stressful period. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals and time management too.

Srini Pillay, M.D.

Mind Body Self. Impact in Leadership

Radu Manolescu will talk about Mind Body Self and its impact in leadership. how taking care of ourselves can be actually highly altruistic. A Health Tool Self Assessment® will be sent to participants in advance for each to assess where he/she is and how much of and how much of an example one is for the people around?

Outcome: Leaders will have an increased self awareness and a simple tool to assess their and their people mind body self balance.

Radu Manolescu
May 20: #5

From Surviving to Thriving

Here, Dr. Srini Pillay will review the brain-basis of antifragility, and how leaders can change their mindsets to become antifragile during this period.

Outcome: Leaders will have the time to connect the antifragile mindset principles to their strategic goals.

Srini Pillay, M.D.

A Story on How Failure and Fear Became Some of the Best Things That Happened to Me

Radu will talk about real life examples of others and of himself who were apparently a dead end yet they have become major professional and personal life opportunities.

Outcome: Participants will learn about what it takes to transform each failure into an opportunity.

Radu Manolescu
May 27: #6

A Day in the life of a Pandemic Thriver

Dr. Srini Pillay & Radu Manolescu will facilitate a session in which leaders discuss how their strategies, time management, mindsets, and way of being are being cemented and changed as a result of these interventions

Outcome: Anchor 6-8 weeks of learning and set up for review monthly following this.

Srini Pillay M.D. & Radu Manolescu Facilitators

*** All webinar times 5pm Bucharest, 4pm CET, 10am EST via live broadcast. Each webinar will be recorded.

Each webinar consists of:

Location: Via Zoom

Webinar pricing:
Webinar package (all six): 408 EUR
Individual webinar (up to five): 73 EUR

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