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The Pandemic Survival Guide
A Webinar Series to Help You Optimize Your Brain

Srini Pillay, M.D., CEO: NeuroBusiness Group, Harvard-Trained Psychiatrist, Brain Researcher, Leadership Development Expert | Read Bio

Join Dr. Srini Pillay as he helps you work through obstacles to your strategies during the pandemic using the powerful combination of neuroscience, organizational psychology and business research. In this series Dr. Pillay will delve much more deeply into thinking and tools that will support your work moving through this challenging time.

April 20: #1

Cabin Fever and Loneliness: Maximizing Your Time/Optimizing Your Immunity and Focus

Dr. Srini Pillay will explain the implications of cabin fever and social distancing in the brain, and how leaders will manage this now, and as the workforce integrates.

Outcome: Relationship strategies to optimize team cohesion at a time when people are not physically together, and how to manage this when they come together again. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals too

Srini Pillay, M.D.
April 27: #2

Virtual Teams & Friends: Making the Best of Online Connections

Dr. Srini Pillay will describe the latest research on how virtual teams work best. He will also describe the effects of teaming in the brain, and how leaders will manage this now, and as the workforce integrates.

Outcome: Virtual team strategies to optimize team cohesion and execution of strategy so that leaders can increase operational efficiency.

Srini Pillay, M.D.
May 4: #3

Your Body Armor: Why the Mind-Body Connection is More Important Than Ever

Dr. Srini Pillay will provide an overview of specific psychological stressors in pandemics, the pandemic brain, and how to build resilience in the pandemic brain. Leaders will then use this information to construct an organizational resilience mindset strategy and will consider how they will scale this throughout their organizations.

Outcome: Evaluate where you are on pandemic fears, brain-based resilience, and learn the contents of a new mental playbook for your organization during pandemics. This playbook will be there whenever you need to respond to similar emergencies. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals too.

Srini Pillay, M.D.
May 11: #4

Leading During and After the Pandemic: What’s Different Now?

A sound mind requires a sound body. Dr. Srini Pillay will provide various perspectives from mind-body medicine on how and why to protect your body during this stressful period.

Outcome: Leaders will commit to and devise a psychological and physical plan to protect their bodies during this stressful period. And leaders will use this to connect this to strategic goals and time management too.

Srini Pillay, M.D.
May 18: #5

Learning to Thrive (and not just survive) During and After the Pandemic

Here, Dr. Srini Pillay will review the brain-basis of antifragility, and how leaders can change their mindsets to become antifragile during this period.

Outcome: Leaders will have the time to connect the antifragile mindset principles to their strategic goals.

Srini Pillay, M.D.
May 25: #6

Putting It All Together: A Day in The Life of a Pandemic Thriver

Dr. Srini Pillay & Radu Manolescu will facilitate a session in which leaders discuss how their strategies, time management, mindsets, and way of being are being cemented and changed as a result of these interventions

Outcome: Anchor 6-8 weeks of learning and set up for review monthly following this.

Srini Pillay M.D.

*** All webinar times are 6pm GST / 10am EST via live broadcast. Each webinar is 60 minutes in length and will be recorded.

Each webinar consists of:

Location: Via Zoom

Webinar pricing:
Webinar package (all six): $450.00 USD
Individual webinar (up to five): $80.00 USD

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