About NeuroBusiness Group

Neuro Business Group was founded to take the groundbreaking research in brain science, human psychology and business outcomes synthesized by Dr. Srini Pillay and use it to achieve measurable progress in business, public health, government, and organizational behavior.

Our primary activities revolve around helping teams and individual leaders:

  • Drive Ingenuity
  • Thrive Amidst Increasing Global Uncertainty
  • Improve Agility, Adaptability, and Creativity
  • Navigate Obstacles to Change (Personal & Organizational)
  • Develop Team Resilience
  • Avoid Burnout and Help Others to Avoid It
  • Cultivate Better Emotional Mastery

Since, 2010, over the course of numerous engagements, people from all backgrounds (national/international; for-profit/non-profit) have been touched by our highly-customized presentations, programs, consulting engagements, and coaching relationships. We are proud of the genuine results and “unblocking,” that NeuroBusiness Group is consistently able to achieve. Most importantly, these programs are driven through deep and integrated learning with strong emotional drivers to help retention and the capacity for immediate application.

NeuroBusiness Group is Proud to Have Supported:

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