Executive Coaching

Dr. Srini Pillay: Expert Guide and Coach

The higher you rise in your career, the greater the chance you’ll eventually bump up against the boundaries of your current emotional and intellectual habits. The very habits that served you well, come back to haunt you in a world that demands constant agility and change. Sound familiar?

Whether you’re talking about a pro athlete at the top of their game, a world-class performer, or a Fortune 100 CEO, high-performing individuals understand that the right kind of coaching can help them take their capabilities and talents even further.

Dr. Pillay’s lifelong focus on mapping the brain provides a science-based roadmap to effective executive coaching that addresses some of the common challenges faced by people working at the top of their fields. Also, his background in human psychology, leadership development, music, sport and poetry all provide fertile ground for practical and integrated approaches to coaching.

Short-term and extended plans can be arranged to address issues such as:

Executive Coaching