Breakthroughs in brain science made accessible with insight, humor, and love.

When you bring NeuroBusiness Group into your company or organization, count on this, your people will be transformed! Our keynotes, workshops, and educational programs universally receive the highest ratings in participant evaluations—from people at levels of all types of organizations around the world.

We specialize in supplying fresh insight and actionable inspiration to some of the most intelligent and creative teams in business, healthcare, non-profit, and government. Our programs are entertaining, engaging, and actionable—with measurable impact and sustained results. After working with NeuroBusiness Group, people are truly inspired to change and evolve—and they are armed with a new set of practical tools to achieve their goals.

What makes our programs different?

  • Participants learn about unconscious obstacles that stand in their way and how to overcome them (more than 90% of brain activity is unconscious)
  • Participants learn how to work with their irrational and complex brains
  • Participants learn proven techniques to change brain blood flow to decrease anxiety, uncertainty and fatigue
  • Although based on rigorous research, the programs are highly experiential with in-workshop exercises to help cement learning
  • There is a useful mix of self-reflection and practical techniques for implementation
  • Participants usually leave the program informed and excited with thought-provoking ideas that span the gamut of ideas from hard-core business strategy to conscious practices

Customized to suit your audience

Along with prepared programs for popular initiatives such as “Change” and “Creativity,” we assemble customized programs to suit your audience, your priorities, and the available time.

Programs We Have Developed Include:

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